Ingvild M. Kvisle

Dagfinn Bjørgen

Works with Evaluations of mental health and substance abuse services and User Interviews User-surveys with a focus on how services users’ experiences can become a […]

Ingvild M. Kvisle

About me My name is Ingvild M. Kvisle and I am 26 years old. I’m originally from Porsgrunn, but have been living in Trondheim since […]

Astrid Weber

About me I am 36 years old and from Tromsø. I like cooking, partaking in the public debate, relaxing with a good book, drawing or […]

Annika Alexandersen

Works with I work as a peer support specialist at the University Hospital of North Norway, and as a nurse with lived experience. Hired in […]

Marianne Westerlund

Works with Marianne Westerlund is hired as a transcriber, transcribing audio files from interviews. She has contributed with transcribing on several User Interviews User-projects, and […]

Maya Blomström

Works with Project development, courses, lecturing and counceling at GLIMT Recoverycenter and the Vocational school for peer supporters. Education Social Educator/Learning Disability Nurse. Psychodrama and […]

Tora Benedicte Svare Leinan

Works with Project development, co-research, evaluations of health services and talks/presentations. Education Master in Psychology – learning, brain, behavior and circumstances; specialization in Developmental cognitive […]

Stian Wiklund Pedersen

About me My name is Stian Wiklund Pedersen, I am 44 years old and I come from Trondheim. I have also lived in Bodø, where […]

Tonje Marita Reksen Farstad

About me I am a mom with two kids, born and raised in Trondheim. I am passionate about great conversations and sharing experiences that can […]

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Competence center for lived experience and service development – KBTs employees have contributed to numerous research projects, articles, booklets and books. Below, you will find a […]