Anne B. Plathe

Juni Raak Høiseth

Works with Service user involvement for children and youth in particular, but also other projects, User Interviews User evaluations, talks and lectures, and co-research.   […]

Visit from Canada

April 15th and 16th, Gillian Mulvale from Canada visited us at KBT to talk about the project “Canada-Norway Research Collaboration on Operationalizing Experience-Drive Innovation through […]


Courses for service users, relatives, service providers, peer workers and user representatives: This courses contribute to strenghten service users, relatives, service providers, peer workers and […]


What is it about? Recovery as a concept can be understood in different ways. It can be described as a model, paradigm, phenomenon, philosophy, ideology, […]

Service user involvement for adults

Competence center for lived experience and service development (KBT) is aiming to emphasize user involvement in health services and hospitals. What is it about? Pasient- […]

Current projects

My Voice Matters Project Manager: Juni Raak Høiseth Project Team Members: Christina Kildal, Johanne Bakken Moe, Liva Elvira Myrvold Nynes and Ellinor Elvrum Evensen My […]