Ingelin Meland Anderssen

About me

My name is Ingelin Meland Anderssen. I am 34 years old and I come from Stokmarknes, which lies in the county of Nordland. At the time I work 50 % as a peer support specialist in KBT. I have a kind husband and 4 daughters. We made the courageous decision to move from Stokmarknes to Stadsbygd in Sør-Trøndelag in October 2016.

Other than that I am a happy, outgoing person with a healthy dose of self-irony, and I laugh a lot.


Works with

In KBT I work as a peer support specialist. I am stationed in the municipal houses in Havsteinekra and Stabells veg, and I like it here. My work concists of conversations with the residents, practical assistance with things like going to the store and going to the dentist, helping residents to pay bills or do other things they need help doing.



I am a licensed practical nurse and a medical secretary, and I have a continuing education in neonatal care.


Experience and background

I became mentally ill in 2011, and it felt like it came overnight. I was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety. Looking back I can see that my body tried to warn me beforehand. From working at the local hospital and feeling healthy and well, it felt like my whole world shattered, and I went on sick leave. After this I have only worked a little.

My experiences come both from earlier work and being ill. I have experienced how strongly OCD or other anxiety disorders can take hold when you least expect it and turn your life around. I have experienced feeling so low I felt like my life was ruined. Now I have gotten back up and I am living a life where I feel happiness again.


Wishes to contribute with

I want to contribute with hope. Hope to those not knowing who to talk to, so that they can talk about what is bothering them.

I want more diverse tasks as a peer support specialist. Maby we can be hired where needed?

I want to be able to offer support and knowledge about the road ahead to people in difficult situations that may not have others to talk to.

About Ingvild M. Kvisle

Works as a project team member in KBT. Works with User Interviews User, dialogue meetings, webpage and social media.