User Interviews User – Ålesund municipality – Users and relatives’ experiences with substance abuse and mental health services

Image: Ingvild M. Kvisle talks about findings in User Interviews User in the Municipality of Ålesund

As per request from the municipality of Ålesund, KBT conducted a UIU-survey with the relatives and users in its substance abuse and mental health institutions.

The project was collaborative effort between Ålesund, Mental Helse and LPP. Its goal was to improve the services, and develop the already existing project ROP/Samhandling. There was also a desire to develop services intended for relatives, which was either to be built into the established services, or be aimed directly at this demographic.

The survey was conducted in the fall of 2015, but the following dialogue conference and final report was finished in February 2015.


Juni Raak Høiseth
Ingvild M. Kvisle
Dagfinn Bjørgen



Bruker Spør Bruker Ålesund kommune – Brukere og pårørendes erfaringer med psykisk helse- og rustjenester (2016)

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