Self development course – asserting yourself in everyday life

Image: Juni Raak Høiseth working with participants of the course

Developing oneself and taking on new challenges were the main topics for the 15 participants at this weekend’s course at Mental Health Nærøy and Vikna.

Being conscious of how we can assert ourselves positively in our lives and in society is an important part of achieving recovery. The course touched on the topics and empowerment, as well as communication, conflict management and performance techniques. The participants approached the material through theoretical lectures, practical exercises, games and group assignments.

Image: Juni Raak Høiseth working with participants of the course.
Juni Raak Høiseth working with participants of the course.

Dagfinn Bjørgen focused on the importance of being aware of one’s own patterns, and how one can strengthen or train to break out of these in everyday life. The active and brave participants found concrete examples of what it would take to overcome obstacles, and how to assert themselves positively. There was put forward a number of suggestions and various measures people can engage in together in the municipality of Rørvik.

The group was led by Juni Raak Høiseth through a series of simple drama- and communicative exercises with a focus on things like exploring how body language and eye contact plays into conveying a message to and audience. An emphasis was also put on the importance of elevating each other, and how to receive and give compliments in a good way.


Engagement, humour and acceptance

Christina Kildal, one of the participants, had this to say about the course:

  • –         – The most important thing I took away from the course is to make myself aware of my own being, thoughts and feelings, in order to develop myself. We received specific measures and exercises, and open reflection and conversation in the group. These are deep and vulnerable topics that seem scary, but without a demand for personal stories and with the facilitators’ sense of humour and acceptance, it was made comforting. This strengthened my belief in good life despite psychological problems.

This course is part of KBT’s commitment on courses that strengthen humans to becoming active participants in their own life, and to engage user involvement in their services. In addition to our own courses, we are also in collaboration with Sagatun centre regarding, among other things, the toolbox [link].


Anyone who wishes to take part in our offer on user strengthening is welcome to contact Dagfinn Bjørgen ( or Juni Raak Høiseth (


TEXT: Juni Raak Høiseth and Dagfinn Bjørgen
PHOTO: Dagfinn Bjørgen