The services must create positive identities

Image: Audun Pedersen

KBT was represented in a regional gathering in KS’ learning network for recovery in Stavanger. The network is intended to develop and improve the services for people with psychological- and drug-related problems. KBT feels that a turn towards recovery in mental health- and drug services is important for the users.

Audun Pedersen, adviser at Byrådsavdeling for sosial, bolig og inkludering in Bergen, gave a broad lecture on what the focus on recovery will mean for the service provider. He challenged the audience with questions like “to what degree is the professional environment marked by hopes and expectations for improvement?” and “in what way are the users’ need for hope and faith in the future stimulated?” Pedersen emphasized that personnel must change their role from being experts, to being agents of growth and meaning. Linda Øye, daily manager of Fra offer til kriger, highlighted that the services must assist in creating positive identities for the users, by helping them in the transition from user to civilian.

Dagfinn Bjørgen of KBT is represented in KS’ national group for learning network, and looks forward to an exciting collaboration. KBT is to contribute with knowledge on the users’ recovery, and competency on how to create good learning networks.

PHOTO: Dagfinn Bjørgen