Course: peer support specialist – a new function

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KBT invites you to a course on peer support specialists’ function in substance abuse- and mental health services in Norway Monday 12th – Tuesday 13th December 2016. The course will take place on Quality Hotel Augustin in Trondheim. The topics will include:

  • What can the role of peer specialist entail?
  • International experiences
  • Experiences in Norway

The course is directed at those that have engaged or is currently planning on engaging peer specialists, and at active peer specialists.

The goal is to strengthen the role of peer specialists. There will be lectures and group activities building on practical examples and experiences, with Karl Johan Johansen from KBT leading the process.

The fee is NOK 1700,- per person. Signing up before November 15th will give a discount of NOK 200,-. The price includes lunch both days, course materials and dinner December 12th.

You can sign up here.



Dagfinn Bjørgen, the daily manager of KBT and leader of development projects for peer support specialists in outreach teams and municipal services. Has experience with employing peer support specialists. Has also researched how co-workers with user experience can be implemented in Norway. Has years of experience as elected representative in user organizations.

Astrid Karine Weber has co-authored the booklet “Brukeransettelser – Håndbok for arbeidsgivere som skal ansette erfaringskonsulenter” [User employments – Handbook for employers hiring peer support specialists]. She has a long personal experience as a service user within the mental health field, as a relative to a service user and as an elected representative in a user organization. She has been employed as a peer support specialist at UNN North-Norway since 2008, and is a process leader in “User Interviews User”. Has a degree as a Social Worker.

Juni Raak Høiseth is a project coordinator in KBT, and a former peer specialist in psychiatric outreach rehabilitative teams. She is active in the organization ROS, and has experience with work in various user boards. She has co-authored evaluation-reports on peer specialists in outreaching teams.



Monday December 12th

10:30 Registration and coffee

11:00 Opening and presentation

11:15 The background for peer support specialists as a tool.

International trends. Dagfinn Bjørgen.
Evaluation of KBTs project with hiring experience consultants. Juni Raak Høiseth.

12:00 Pause

12:15 Continuing the topic “The background for peer specialists as a tool”


12:30 Lunch

13:15 The role of experience consultant.

Practical examples – how do we work?

13:45 Pause

14:00 To be professional as a peer support specialist. Astrid Weber.

14:20 Group work on the topic “To be professional as a peer support specialist.

15:00 Pause

15:15 Summary and conclusion

19:00 Dinner


Tuesday December 13th

08:45 Coffee

09:00 “Service development and cultural change”. Dagfinn Bjørgen and Juni Raak Høiseth

09:30 Group work on the topics:

What does it take to change the practice?
How can the peer specialist contribute?
How do we reflect on our practice?

10:15 Pause

10:30 The role of the peer specialist on a systematic level. Astrid Weber.

11:00 group work on the topic “the role of the peer specialist on a systematic level”.

11:45 Pause

12:00 Practice change and reflecting teams.

Dialogue and group work

12:30 Lunch

13:15 Recovery as a work method

Discussion and group work

14:00 Pause

14:15 The need for network and guidance

Discussion and group work


15:15 Summary, and thanks for now!

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