Powerful and important dialogue conference

Bilde: Annika Alexandersen og Astrid Weber

From the left: Annika Alexandersen and Astrid Weber with the process report from User Interviews User/TUD.

A total of 45 service personnel and people with patient experience gathered at the dialogue conference in User Interviews User Tromsø to have a dialogue on the findings the evaluation.

The UIU-survey has been an evaluation of forced mental health care without inpatient care (TUD) and the services at the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) and in Tromsø municipalities. An especially clear finding in the survey is that patients in TUD consistently experiences losing control of their lives.

The report contains several recommendations showing possible ways forward for the services. The patients wants to be able to decide whether or not they are to be medicated.

Good grounds for service development
Department manager at psychiatric department at UNN, Siren Hoven, thought the report provided a great basis for developing the service further, and possibilities for finding solutions that everyone can be satisfied with.

Ashild Vangen, another department manager from UNN, experienced the conference as powerful, and as an effective tool for establishing what must be done. The fact that one receives the feedback in a written format makes them a stronger authority to follow.

Strong feeling of UFRIHET
Professional consultant in drug and psychiatry service in Tromsø Tore Ødegård was struck by the strong feeling of entrapment for patients in TUD. It is also a challenge for the municipality and specialized health service to adapt so that the patients do not feel like they receive less help without TUD than with it.

Consultant Njål Bjørhovde wished for more clearity about what TUD entails, and a clearer plan for the individual patient. Such a plan must involve a plan for a healthy department from TUD’s services when the treatment draws towards conclusion.

Improving TUD – limiting the use of coercion
The background for the survey is that UNN and Tromsø municipality has the managing role for “the TUD-project in Tromsø 2015/2016”. The project aims to improve the quality in forced mental health care, and reduce the amount of coercion. The project is partly financed by the Directory of Health.

Astrid Weber, Annika Aleksandersen and Dagfinn Bjørgen from KBT has conducted the survey.


Text: Dagfinn Bjørgen, Ingvild M. Kvisle
Translation: Lasse Barr