A new focus on peer support specialists

Come autumn, KBT and Trondheim will be initiating a project for further developing the application of peer support specialist in psychiatric welfare and rehabilitation. As such, we are currently looking to hire new experience consultants.

A peer support specialist is someone with a unique opportunity to utilize his or her experiences to help others in these situations, by elevating the peer perspective in the services’ work.
The person views his or hers own experiences in a wide perspective, and reflects on these in a constructive manner. Through guidance and collaboration they work for cultural innovation in welfare services.

KBT has previously carried out a project in collaboration with Central Norway Regional Health Authority in regards to the use of peer support specialists in outreach teams. The project yielded encouraging results by fostering hope and mastery, and there is now a wish to develop this role in municipal services. During the project, we will be evaluating how the specialists work in collaboration with users and service providers.

The project is being financed by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, which has included a commitment to experience consultants in an investment plan currently being managed by county officials. Municipalities may apply for grants to projects that include peer support specialists.

If you are interested, or simply would like to know more about peer support specialists, call:

Ingvild M. Kvisle 481 01 871

Dagfinn Bjørgen 404 13 567

Job advertisement.

Application must be sent before 20. August 2016 to post@kbtmidt.no.

Text: Karl Johan Johansen, Lasse Barr and Ingvild M. Kvisle.
Translation: Lasse Barr

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