Meeting of the peer driven centers

Image: Representatives from the Regional Peer Driven Centres

AU-meeting at Sagatun brukerstyrt senter. Top from left: Haakon Steen, Dagfinn Bjørgen og Arthur Mandahl. Second row from left: Asbjørn Olafson og Kårhild Husom Løken. Third row from left: Mariann Haukland og Stig Moe. Front from left: Ingvild M. Kvisle og Turid Oldervik.

At the end of May, KBT had a good and constructive meeting for the regional peer driven centers, where we discussed strategies and duties.

The five centers attending the meeting were Sagatun brukerstyrte senter (which hosted the meeting), ROM-Agder, Bikuben, Vårres regional brukerstyrt senter, and KBT-Midt-Norge. The centers have a large variety of activities and knowledge, something we feel is an important asset.


Regional and local peer driven centers

One of the conclusions from the meeting was that it may be challenging to differentiate between the regional peer driven centers. The latter often takes the form of meeting spots, while the regional centers are network resources and focal points for peer participation in mental health and rehabilitation in their own regions, and are involved in research and evaluations.

The AU-meetings for the regional peer driven centers assist in both a broad collaboration and a professional exchange valuable to the centers’ work. Strengthening the users’ voice takes many collaborators, and a common strategy for the centers will be important in order to exploit each other’s resources and competence.


Evaluated by Telemarksforskning

It’s worth pointing out the evaluation Telemarksforskning did in 2015 of the regional peer driven centers. The evaluation shows that the centers pick up user groups it can be difficult for peer organizations to reach, and that they have a good knowledge of mental health work, and the peer perspective. They also have a sizeable network and good overview of the mental health work in their regions. It also states that the centers are in need of a raise of resources if they are to provide an equal service throughout their regions.

Text: Ingvild M. Kvisle

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